PLP finding the construction workers of the future at St Luke’s Primary School

PLP have really enjoyed engaging with the pupils and teachers at St Luke’s Primary School – as a company we are always keen to get involved in the communities we work in.

Whilst we’ve been on site at school building the seven classroom extension we have tried to involve the staff and children as much as possible by putting together a programme of activities including site visits throughout the build process so the staff and children could see the new building develop – we’re hoping to have inspired some future construction workers when we carried out a careers event with Year 6!

We’re also very proud to sponsor the school football team and hope they have a winning season!

Last week PLP invited the National Federation of Builders to join us for the day at St Luke’s – the NFB brought along their Virtual Reality Headset and let the children take a virtual tour of a James Bond Style Hotel to show them how 3D modelling is now being used in construction.

During the day the children also put their building and team working skills to the test by creating some amazing tetrahedrane models, PLP and the NFB were very impressed by the models the children created and how well they worked together!.

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