Visit to St. Joseph’s RC Primary School

Joanne and Lesley Haslam, Training Co-ordinator from the National Federation of Builders visited St Joseph’s Primary School in Heywood.

“We took with us some Oculus Rift Goggles used on a laptop with high spec software and an Xbox controller.

“The game utilises a 3D BIM (Business Information Modelling) model and helped us demonstrate to the Year 6 pupils how technology is transforming the breadth of careers available within the construction sector.

“By using the equipment pupils were able to experience a full 360 degrees virtual reality walkthrough of a building before a spade had even been put into the ground.

“The model highlighted the increase in digital design and build practices that are being adopted by the construction industry and introduces the importance of collaborative working among all trades within the sector. Students were taken in their groups to experience the BIM goggles throughout the visit.

“We talked with the children about the benefits of BIM, the digital future of construct and how the aim is to ensure the industry works together collaboratively.

“Pupils also built tetrahedrane models to create a giant pyramid – practising their team building skills and collaborative working!”

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